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ClapIt: A musical HTML5 Game

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Liana Pigeot

Published on May 07, 20131 min read

Clap It is a musical game I made with Inateno during a Game Jam at ISART Digital when I was a student. clapit

It’s a game made for pc/tablets in HTML5. Our inspiration is the simple japanese rythm games like Taiko Drumming taiko Taiko Drumming

We wanted to see if we could develop a nice little rythm game in HTML5 during a jam, so we did. It’s pretty simple: You have to tap either the blue or the pink button at the bottom with good timing to play the music. The game and its interface is designed to look like an old tape player.

The game is playable there (slow to load due to the musics loading). Space for the blue notes, down arrow for the pink ones.

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